June 27, 2010

The Book Winner and a Special Offer for the "Losers"


The winner of the BOOK GIVEAWAY is:
#105: STACEY, who said:

"This would definitely change my life! I could make all kinds of cute dresses... I'm thinking in a suit or linen material, then I can wear them to teach in! :)" on June 25, 2010 10:26 PM

And now for those of you who did not win. Anyone that participated in this giveaway can get a special deal on a signed copy of Sew Serendipity. I am offering a $5 discount off of the current price on my web site. This offer is valid only through Wednesday, June 30 and ONLY for those who "registered" for the book giveaway. This is my little "thank you" for all of the great support you have provided me and the book. To take advantage of this deal, simply complete a purchase including the book at http://www.sewserendipity.com/. In the Comments section of your order, write "Blog Deal" and your blog username. You can also include any special signing instructions in the Comments field. Once I verify your participation in the book giveaway, I will apply the $5 discount. If you pay with credit card, I will adjust your total before processing. If you pay with PayPal, I will issue a refund. Your total at the time of purchase will not reflect this special offer, but I will hook you up with the "blog discount".

I really appreciate everyone that pre-ordered the book from me as well. If any of the pre-order customers feel left out, I have a deal for you too. If you order $30 or more from the website between now and June 30, I will give you a $5 discount too. This offer is only for those that pre-ordered the book from me (I know who you are!). Complete your order and write in the Comments section "Pre-order customer". Once confirmed, I will issue a $5 discount or PayPal refund as appropriate.

Thanks again for the kind words, support, and encouragement. You keep me inspired. And as always....

Happy Sewing!


Yvonne said...

Congratulations Stacey with the book and thank you for the special price for the one that did not win.


Robin Hart said...

Ah man, I never saw the spot for the comments... But I did order the book, the dharma bag and one of the new dress patterns. My middle child liked the looks of the tunic made from the dress.

Kay Whitt said...

The comments field is at the bottom of the "Payment Information" page. We got you hooked up with the discount anyway...See you in Houston???

Patrya said...

Good Afternoon Kay,
I have just purchased one of your purse patterns- McCalls 6045.
This is my first time endeavoring on making a purse and I have a question. For lining- can I use lining material or do I need to use cotton quilting material?
Thanks for your help- Angie B.

Kay Whitt said...

Hi Patrya!
I guess you could use a lining for the inside instead of cotton. I usually interface the lining as I like a nice stiff bagI don't know how lining fabric would do with interfacing added, but you can experiment and see how it goes!

Libeca said...

Absolutely love you book and makes me think I will be able to make my very first skirt!
Thanks for the inspiration for sewing.


Stacey said...

I got my book on Tuesday, and spent a few hours flipping through and planning what I want to make. Thank you so much - I am soo excited to start sewing! :)

Robin Hart said...

I sure hope to see you in Houston! We need another summit meeting. :) Got the book and patterns today... it will be bedtime reading material and hopefully sewing something soon.