October 16, 2013

Fall 2013 Collection: Meet Jordan!

The Jordan Jacket: Silver Metallic Linen with vintage glass and rhinestone buttons

The next reveal is the Jordan Jacket! I was noticing how much the classic denim jacket was showing up in fashion these days. To tell the truth, the style of this particular jacket never goes out of style...it is truly a classic. I had some fun with the fabrics on this one and show it to you made up in wool, linen, and cotton sateen. It really is so versatile! You could make it from velveteen or corduroy as well. Even a heavy silk would be fabulous!

The details are what make this jacket special. I took special care to give you the set in pockets so many of you said are important to a jacket. I think you will find that the pockets are great for stashing your phone or whatever other small items you may want to carry. The upper pockets are fully functional as well, but of course they are small, which is how it is with these types of jackets.

This particular jacket is unlined, so you don't have to worry about messing with another layer of fabric. I also designed it so that there are no facings to deal with either. The front facing is built into the front pattern pieces, so it will be folded around to the wrong side.

Don't let all the detailing intimidate you! This jacket does take some time, but the steps are very manageable. I highly recommend that you have a serger handy so that you can finish off your seams neatly. After all, they will be seen on the inside of the jacket. I think the choice of buttons for this jacket is very important. For most of the ones seen here, I chose vintage buttons from my personal stash....I'm a bit of a button hoarder!

As with all of my patterns, how much detail you decide to add is your choice. If you don't want to do some of the pockets, you can always opt to leave them out. I encourage you to make the pattern uniquely yours.

Here are some images of the different jackets I made along with some fabric details.

Metallic Denim (just a bit of a sheen...love that!)
Houndstooth Wool and Heavy Silk for the contrast
Free Spirit Tanya Whelan Petal Home Dec Cotton Sateen fabrics
Here's the back of the jacket. Notice how I fussy cut the fabric to showcase the motif.
Westminster David Butler's Parson Grey World Tour linen fabric
So, there's the Jordan Jacket!
Again, we will have this pattern and the rest of the new items up on the website later on this week.
Happy Sewing!