September 29, 2010

Fall Preview, Part 2

Hey Everyone!

It is time for the final fall reveal and the project that took a TON of my time this summer, but I think it was definitely worth it....see what you think! I have written a 28 page soft cover book called Media Frenzy for all those fabulous media devices in your life. Now you can tote them around with some real attitude, "Serendipity Style"! There are instructions for 4 different bags in this book, along with a simple wallet and scrappy camera strap.

The madness for this book began when I purchased a digital SLR camera this summer...a Canon T1i. It was way overdue as we have been using a tiny camera for pattern covers and other shots. It is fantastic to have a camera with so many capabilities. Once I had the camera in my possession, I realized that I needed a camera bag, and not just ANY camera bag, but one that would suit my needs as well as look darn good. I began doing a bit of research to see what was available and then decided I would design my own. With a lot of thought and planning (and a lot of math!) I designed not one bag, but two! One is called the Essential Camera Bag and is for those of you (like me) who have the camera, a charger, and a few other things, but don't really need the HUGE bag to lug around. It features a comfortable adjustable strap that is designed to be worn either over the shoulder or cross body to keep both arms free without danger of dropping your precious cargo. The other is the Ultimate Camera Bag and has a ton of room for the photog who has it ALL and wants to lug it all around! Both bags are designed for the camera to rest face down inside with movable partitions to customize the interior to your liking.


Filled with camera stuff:

The next bag is the Digital Messenger, designed specifically for an iPad or eReader. I made the interior permanently divided and padded so you can slide your digital devices in and out without worry, plus you still have the other half of the interior for your other essentials. With a divided bag, there are no worries about scratching the screen and the bag is designed with an adjustable strap to be worn cross-body....comfortable and practical, but still great looking! Everyone will want your bag!!

The last bag in the book is the GPS Destination bag. Ever get annoyed at the fact that most of these devices don't come with a bag to carry all the stuff they come with? Well, we I designed a great little bag that is simple to make for carrying it around. There is even a little felt sleeve to slip the screen into so there is no danger of scratches. The best part is that you can choose your favorite fabric and make this bag a statement of style rather than just simply for utility.

To round out the book, I added a Simple Wallet and Scrappy Camera Strap. These accessories complete the bags and give you everything you could possibly need for staying organized while carrying any one of these need for a purse, just one bag and you are done! (Dig our "vintage" Pentax camera in the photo below....glad I don't have to use that one! The megapixels are seriously compromised... )

Again, this book will be available in mid to late October (as soon as it arrives from the printer). Enjoy, and happy fall everyone!