April 8, 2011

Stopping to Smell the Roses

Wow! Where did February, March, and nearly half of April go? I swear it hasn't been that long since I posted last....but it has! Time flies around here.

Just wanted to assure you all that I have not left the country or anything....but I have been so impossibly busy that I haven't had half a chance to think about the blog. The new spring collection had its priority as the review of the new book manuscript (more about that this summer!!). There will be some really nice goodies coming out in the new collection. We will be showing it at market next month, so I have been very very deep in design, sewing (a LOT of sewing), photography, drafting, writing, illustrating, etc.....I am happy to say that those little suckers are now on their way to the printer and NO ONE (except certainly my husband) could be happier about it! Let's just pretend that I am my usual pleasant self while facing all these deadlines (NOT!)....anyway, it feels good to have all that accomplished. I will be sharing some sneak peeks with you next week...need the weekend to recoup and maybe get my filthy house back in order....the level of dust is a nightmare, and let's not even get into what the carpet looks like....think tornado crossed with thread, fabric, etc. and you will be in the basic ballpark of things here!

Thought I would share some loveliness from my garden outside. These are antique roses and the aroma is simply heavenly. If it weren't for these beauties this week, I might have gone stark raving mad! I had them beside me as I toiled at the computer and would have to stop periodically to take a sniff and marvel at the miracle that is nature. I have my smart sister to thank for these beauties. She became a rose gardener several years ago. Who knows how many varieties of old roses she has now? Her garden is a wonder of color and scent....I just had to get in on it. Lucky for me she propagates her beauties and I was one fortunate recipient. These were planted last fall and just took off as soon as it warmed up here in Texas. She does sell some of her babies from time to time, so I'll have to keep you posted on that. In the meantime...just look at the color and the fullness of these blooms! What a joy!

Thanks to all of you who keep coming back to the blog to see if I am still here or not....I AM and will honestly try to be a better blogger from now on...cross my heart!

Hope all of you are finding time to sew and do what you love...until next week.....Happy Sewing!