April 13, 2011

Sneak Peek #2: Meet Diane!

This is the Diane Kimono Dress! Several of you with keen eyes caught a glimpse of her in the blog banner photo earlier this week and wondered if there is a pattern for THAT dress. The answer is, YES! Patterned after the simple construction of the Claire Cami Dress, Diane is a drawstring dress with no closures. You just slip this dress over your head and cinch up the drawstring....easy to sew, easy and comfortable to wear!

I decided to add kimono into the name as the criss-cross fashion of the bodice and some of the fabric choices I made lent an Asian feel. The Dolman sleeves are incorporated into the bodice, so the sewing is fast. The waistline on this design is raised with a very forgiving fit. I have offered four cutting lines for the skirt on the pattern, so if you would like to make a version to wear with skinny pants or leggings, that is an available choice. I slimmed the skirt a bit for this dress as compared to Claire, but I added a fuller fold line also so you can choose for a full or slimmer skirt. There is also a tiered version. I decided to make that one like the tiered skirt in my Fashion Formula Skirts booklet where you cut strips for the last two tiers instead of giving a pattern piece. I think it simplifies things a bit.

This dress makes up very nicely in regular quilting weight cottons. Two of the dresses featured here are made in lighter softer fabrics. The tiered one is made from cotton voile and it is dreamy to wear...so soft and flowy. I highly recommend trying out this type of fabric for the dress. Another of the dresses (blue and gray) is made from cotton shirting. Cotton shirting is lighter weight than regular cotton, but not as light as voile. The result is a nice soft dress, another good fabric choice.

Diane is at the printer also, and will be available for sale early next month. Well, that is it for sneak peeks this week....next week, I will be showing the new bags!

Happy Sewing!